"When we understand consciousness - when there is no more mystery -
consciousness will be different, but there will still be beauty,
and more room than ever for awe."
- Daniel Dennett
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Thank You!

  • To KK, my best friend and partner for life.
  • To my daughters, Anna and Rosalie, who fill my life with love-love.
  • To my mother, Evelyn Cohen, who loves me with her all.
  • To my late father Henry Cohen, who made me who I am.
  • To my sister Alison who came first and led the way.
  • To my sister, Lois whom I never knew.
  • To my grandparents Anna and Abe and Sadie and Abe, who stand behind me.
  • To my teachers and mentors, Stephen and Corky Pollan, Pete Seeger, Tom Seaver, Tom Vega, Verne Oliver, Bob Jones, Jonesy Wagner, Austin, Wo Hop, Tom Havens, Bill Cibes, Mary Jo Dobbs, Ken Coleman, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Buckminster Fuller, William Irwin Thompson, Joseph Abileah, Elias Jabbour, Father Jacob Willebrands, Elias Hanania, Rev. Tom Cook, Heidi and Wolfgang von Schmipf, Hilda Silverman, George Mizo, Sister Claire Carter, Sister Jun Yasuda, Gregge Tiffen, Martin Cohen, Judith Thompson, Arn Chorn, Ken and Eve Shopsin, Hunter Beaumont, Gunthard Weber, Bert Hellinger, Stephan Hausner, Albrecht Mahr, Eva Madelung, Debra Brothers-Klezmer, Dr. Joseph Albeck, Tom and Robin Adams, Chris Walsh, Suzi Tucker, Rev. Bob Tobin, Stanley Krippner, Eugene Taylor, David Lukoff, Allan Combs, Jeanne Achterberg, the members of Growing Together III at Bay State Correctional Center.
  • To my friends and loved ones, Guy Morris, Sharon McAuliffe, and Pam Lippe, Michael Pollan and Judith Belzer, Scott Morris, Ralph Nelson, Peter Rossett, Dave Carter, Peter Michaelson, Jon Levine and Zava Basile, Michael, Edward and Margot Booth, Ted and Betty von Glahn, Sandro and Fernanda Franchini, Eva Fellows, Martin 5, Rob Fisher, Nancy and John Alderman, John Lee, Matthew Geller, Joe Mastrangelo, Kevin and Chris Lyons, Paul and Sandy Pimentel, Pradeep and Susan Kapadia, Teri Sharpe, Phil Zacuto, Steve Boodram, John Dabrowski and Joan Hazard, Katherine Kirsh, Mirja Pitkin, Jenny Raskin, Loreto Ruiz-Barra, Andrea Callard, Bonnie Taylor, Anna Edey, Poker players: Bob, Dan, Michael, Steve, Steve, John, John, Mark, and Brian, Carl Bernard, Laurie Jo Wallace, Shirronda Almeida, Theresa Fitzgibbon, Len Byles, Ed and Patricia Booth, Ed Levy, Daisy Miller and Brian Needelman, Tony Elgindy, Karl Landra, Karin Cramer, Samvedam Randles, Ed Lynch, Una O’Connell, Bob Perry, Cynthia Robinson, Jamy and Peter Faust, Dan Sinnott, Sheila Saunders, Jane Peterson, Julia Velazquez, George Lee, Danny Burnstein, Rick Charnes, Bob David and Robin Casarjian, Dot Walsh, Dowa Sherpa, Franco Acquaro, Anie Kalayjian, Tracy Jeanty, Thomas Bena.
  • To my web designer, Jim Picariello.

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