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Heal The Blues

"The Blues ain't nothing but a good man feeling bad. - Willie Brown

The Blues have nearly infinite variety with common themes of trauma, tragedy, and a persistent inability of loved-ones to connect with each other in a good way.

In troubled lives, the surface behaviors are like turbulent white water on a surging river.

Underneath the surface chaos is a deeper systemic current that moves steadily, irresistibly in one direction. The deeper current is existence – life itself – which we receive from our mother and father, carry for some time, and pass on.

What soothes our troubles is to hear the steady bass line that plays below our particular version of the Blues.

For better and worse, we vibrate with the frequency of our mother and father as long as we breathe. There is no choice and no escape, for our breath itself has its source in them. Incapable parents hit many false notes, but this needn’t be the dominant melody we play over and over in our minds.

In a Constellation we keep sharp awareness, while looking at our issues in a quiet, still way. This simple process moves us to accept with compassion that all 88 keys – the high notes and the low - are part of the music of life. Our mother and father danced to a tune not of their making, which remains part of our tune as well.

When we accept our life without accusation or blaming, as given to us by two imperfect beings, we can also take in the love and vitality that is our birthright. Each conception was a “yes” to life, and deep down, it does not matter how our parents behaved then or now. What is most important is that we connect to them in a way that allows the love that flows from far beyond them to reach us.

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