"All healing is self-healing."
- Stephan Hausner
Articles and Essays

Dan Booth Cohen and Elias Jabbour: Israel and Palestine: The Search for Peace

"Family Constellations": An Innovative Systemic Phenomenological Group Process From Germany
Published in The Family Journal, July 2006

I Carry Your Heart (I Carry it in My Heart): Family Constellations in Prison
Published in The Knowing Field, June 2006

Begin with the Work: Family Constellations and Larger Systems
by Dan Booth Cohen in
Messengers of Healing: The Family Constellations of Bert Hellinger Through the Eyes of a New Generation of Practitioners

Report on Dan Booth Cohen at the Jewish Alliance for Justice & Peace National Convention,

What is the "Soul" in Family Constellations?

What is a Constellation?

The Cosmology of Systemic Constellations

Healing in Groups

Heal the Blues

Bert Hellinger "Peace Begins in the Soul"
Fordham University. Produced by Anie Kalayjian and Dan Booth Cohen

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